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Bryce, Winterfaerie, and Kami at the anti-prom early in 1998.

Bonus points if you can guess what song this is.

Cereal Killer?


I do not remember where I found this, but it's the absolute truth.

Wait a minute... there is now a dedicated website:

No, you really didn't see this.

Let me set up the scenario for you:
Roughly five years ago, a number of us went to a showing of Bladerunner at the Byham Theatre in Pittsburgh. Herr Forge was kind enough to drive us there, though necessity stated that we use one of the overpriced parking garages to store his motor vehicle. The only way to exit the garage was to drive all the way to the top of the building, turn around, and then descend. As we reached the summit, I happened to casually remark

"This would be a great place to take pictures,"

At which time, Forge's car decided to go into casters-up mode, stranding us at the top of the building. Needless to say, I am no longer permitted to speak while riding in his vehicle.

Later that evening, Sherridawn decided to look out over the city, a not-unpretty sight. If you have an opportunity while in the Steel City, I highly suggest you find a high place and take a look around you.

Man, Hagbard Celine looks good for his age!

This is Joel. Joel's a neat guy and a lot of fun to be around. Joel's duct taped to a structural support at Club Laga.

Roughly a year before Joel used that pillar, Graeme stood there posing for Kurt Harland's least favourite song.

A digitally-created image of my Pope Card (tm), from a web page the URL of which has been lost. Not bad for the output of a CGI script.

Zard Biomatrix, your silicon Jesus.

Your, sir, are no Andrew Eldritch.

A boy. A car. A sledgehammer. Any questions?

These are Erasmus C. Anderson and Anarchangel, two of my best friends before a night at Steel City Jungle at Club Laga.

Babygoff Bryce.

The Doctor at high school graduation.

This is probably the best piece of graphics work I've ever done, which isn't saying much. When the Mars rover landed back in 1997 and the first images were transmitted back to Earth, Dataline innocently asked if I could 'doctor' the image, like they do in the movies. I downloaded a QuickTime VR from the NASA web site and decompiled it, then selected a single frame to work with. Once loaded into ImageMagick, I showed her how easy it was to select an arbitrary portion of the image, snip it out, and paste it down elsewhere (the rock halfway down the left-hand side was placed there deliberately). Once done, the hole left in the image was filled in with an approximation of the soil texture (the plain immediately to its right) with the airbrush tool and a handful of matching colours in The Gimp). Not content to let well enough alone, Dataline then suggested the addition of an alien to the image. "Never fear," said I, downloading an image from the FringeWare web catalogue, snipped the little guy out, then bump-mapped him into place in ImageMagick (as evidenced by the white halo around the Grey, I was unable to cut cleanly enough). Later attempts to place a Heaven's Gate flag in the creature's hand were foiled by an invasion of good taste (and lack of ability in drawing a decent-looking flagpole). Our commentary on the news coverage of the landing was later added in The Gimp at the bottom of the image, in an attempt at making the picture look like a Polaroid shot taken by one of the Grey's travelling companions.

Transferring into the net is infinitly easier when properly equipped.

Me examining a pair of restraints at Ceremony 2001, Club Laga.

Another graphics hack, done entirely in The Gimp. One of the nicer features of the 2.2-series Linux kernel are the BTTV drivers, which have finally matured to the point of usability (like my black-and-white parallel port QuickCams.) Playing around late one evening, I swapped my parallel-port interfaced Powerglove (which badly needs a Minelli box for serial access, but that's a different page) for the Qcam and snapped this image. I then hunted through my image collection for suitable graft fodder: An image of Nagisa Kaoru from Shin Seki Evangelion, and a screencap of the Sharon Apple concert from Macross Plus. Using the Gimp, I cut Kaoru out of the Eva image and pasted him onto a transparent layer, then used free select to copy an oddly-shaped portion of the crowd from the Macross image and ran it through a couple of filters, among them noisify, whirl, pinch, the convolver, and a few bump maps. Like I said, I'm no artist.

Once that was done, I zoomed in on the base image and moved the now shredded pinkish blob into position, then tried to fit Kaoru on to of that (ala a Technomage's holoflame.) It didn't turn out quite the way I thought it would - I'm going to do some more experimentation with the flame generation system of The Gimp to see if I can get something that looks better. Failing that, I'll screencap Xflame in action and be done with it. Anyway, I learned that by resizing a transparent layer a few times, the portion of the image on that layer not only gets unintentionally translucent, it also gets very fuzzy at the edges - a good artefact of such manipulation.

A snapshot of me at The Burial, a rave in the winter of '99 which commemmorated the loss of Steel City Jungle at Club Laga. I'm the gimpy looking guy with the French braid and yellow t-shirt, look for the purple arrow in the picture.

Here is the picture archive from HOPE 2000.

Photo archive: Halloween 2000 .

Photo archive: Halloween 2001 .

Photo archive: DefCon 9.

Photo archive: New Year's 2002 at the Lab.

Photo archive: HOPE 2002.

Some nights I just get bored. Yes, it sucks. The image of Lain was taken from a page selected at random from the Visual Experiments Lain artbook, clipped out and turned into greyscale in The GIMP and the eraser tool was used to add the text. Feel free to print it out onto stickerpaper and spread the gospel of the Goddess of the Wired.

I just found this image file on a backup disk. It's my personnel picture from the old Crystal Chantry website. It started off as a picture taken through my old Connectix Quickcam (parallel port model, of course) and fed into the Gimp. The background was a photograph of a pile of I-beams in a junkyard I hung out in when I was younger. I jockeyed it around a bit and played with the colours until it looked suitably alien and then used the Gimp's Script-Fu plugin to turn one of the source code files of the LambdaMOO server into a background layer. From the original webcam picture I snipped myself out and dropped the picture in as another layer. The octarine aura around me I did with the airbrush tool mixing electric blue, white, and violet (my conception of the octarine) on top of a transparent layer. Once everything was lined up properly I flattened the image and saved it as a .jpg file. And yes, that really is my Powerglove hooked up to Leandra on my hand at the time.

Photo album: Fall 2002 Furbecue.

Me at the Camarilla Halloween LARP 2002. I'm dressed as Sakurazuka Seishiro.

Unabashed self promotion.

Pictures from Yule dinner 2002.

Some time ago I promised that I'd put up a picture of me before I started rebuilding my exterior. This is me at age fourteen, just before joining Weight Watchers. I think around this time I was pushing better than 240 pounds judging by the size of my pants and the girth of my torso in the picture.

And here I am one year out of high school. I think I was around 165 pounds at the time. That said, I can personally vouch for Weight Watchers; hard work and patience pay off always.

I've mentioned her a great deal in my memory logs - this is Dataline just after dropping me off at school in the fall of 1996.

And here's the schmuck she helped move.

A slightly damaged picture of me looking like a road warrior.

In case you're curious here I am on my twenty-first birthday. I'm talking on the phone with Blank Frank and holding the remains of a glass of wine. Judging by the blush and the grin on my face I'm completely ripped - I don't remember that conversation at all. Dataline and Lowmagnet assure me that I only had one glass of wine that evening, and that I passed out on the couch in the Lab shortly after the call was over. I'm inclined to agree with them. Maybe I should change my handle to 'Flyweight'.

Pictures from Tekkoshocon 2003.

Yes, it is possible to duct tape someone to a wall. In that picture I'm four feet off the ground; Arashiko is standing on the step-stool used while securing my arms and torso.

Pictures from the Keep's first birthday party.

Here's me as seen through Gopi's cellphone-camera after seeing Neal Stephenson speak at CMU. No, it isn't a flattering picture.

Pictures taken while I was remodelling the Lab.

Photo archive: Summercon 2003

My graduation picture from Pitt.

I suppose it is possible to smoke too many clove cigarettes. On the other hand, I don't have any trouble finding my way home anymore...

Photo archive: William Gibson book signing, 16 February 2004.

Photo archive: Tekkoshocon 2004

Kittyboy Bryce, goofing around with the camera built into my cellphone.

Photo archive: The Fifth HOPE

Photo archive: Hurricane Ivan flooding in Pittsburgh.

Photo archive: More Hurricane Ivan flooding in Pittsburgh, featuring Spaceman Groove and The Doctor showing how bad the Doctor's neighborhood was hit.

Photo archive: Samhain 2004

A few pictures of my new fish, Proteus and Eris.

Photo archive: Memorial Day 2004

The slot fan in Lyssa's computer, after the motor overheated, melted the plastic, then burned itself out.

There's a place just down the block from where I work called Grinder's, which specialises in grinders, unsurprisingly: Submarine sandwiches that are baked until the bread is toasted, warming the whole thing through. For some reason, however, they serve the lettuce on the side, tightly rolled and wrapped in plastic to keep it from wilting. This package of lettuce strongly resembles a doobie.

Lyssa's parents have some strange tastes in Christmas tree ornaments. A jellyfish and a spider?

There's a gigantic aloe vera plant at work that takes up the whole top of the fridge. There's an image with slightly worse quality but shows a better perspective that really needs to be cleaned up. Bill got too close once and nearly became lunch for Audrey.

I love bodypainting, but it's not something that you can easily do yourself. Help is almost always required because the best places to paint are always the ones that you just can't reach. Over Yule break Lyssa painted my back, and it turned out very well. Of course, every rose has its thorns.

Sometimes silverware is lacking at work, in which case you have to improvise if you're going to get a decent meal. For example, Doug has been known to eat with his pocket knife at times like this.

Boredom at the sushi bar.. when everything is said and done, chopsticks and a water glass are amusing. And yes, that glass is suspended a good three inches off the table. We're still wondering, however, why they had sugar packets from King's at Sushi Tomo, though.

the.Silicon.Dragon discovers a can of compressed air, and fixes his hair.

Pictures of my pass to the free screening of Constantine. They're a little blurry because I was trying to take pictures of them through my cellcam. WDVE, as you can see, sponsored the event. First is the obligatory movie promo picture with credits. The top's okay, the bottom is as good as I can get it. The interesting stuff is on the lower third of the pass. In particular, the restrictions placed upon the pass and ourselves, such as giving them the right to wand and search us if they so chose, the right to confiscate any recording devices, including cellular telephones, the right to be thrown out at any time, and other nifty stuff. I really wish this had come out better, because there was some scary stuff in there. If anyone can help me bring out the text in this image, please drop me a line and I'll send you a copy of the original image.

Some days you should just stay home. After hacking away for nearly an hour at the ice and snow I'd only managed to clean off the side window. By the time I did get on the road, there was a good six inches of snow on the ground except where the bigger trucks had been driving, but even then the highway was bad. For a time I was stuck on the ramp while trying to decide if I should give up or not.

Photo album: Tekkoshocon 2005

Photo album: TARDIS wreck 2005

Kash after Lyssa tried to dye his hair blue and purple.

Photo album: Samhain 2005

This is one of the securicams monitoring traffic near where I work in Virginia.

The remains of the fire outside the World Tree in Maryland and the thing that caused it: an aerosol can that someone set on fire.

An amusing license plate I saw in Virginia in October of 2005.

The quality of this image is very poor - I did the best I could to enhance it but it's really not my area of expertise. It's supposed to be a clothing antitheft device found on a garment in Hot Topic in October of 2005. The contents of the plastic device (which is about the size of one and a half American silver dollars) are a pair of dye capsules housed inside a plastic device with an RFID tag and a firing device of some kind. If the tag is taken beyond the boundries of the store's perimeter (if someone were to shoplift it), the dye capsules will detonate, ruining the garment, marking the thief with dayglo dye, and in all probability making one hell of a racket in the process, not unlike the dye bombs that are placed in money when a bank is held up.

Photo album: The Neil Gaiman book signing, Borders Bookstore, Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia.

Duo wearing the hat of the bards.

The cheapest gas I could find in DC on day three of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

This one's going to get me a lot of unexpected Google hits - a sign spotted in a restaurant in Maryland that comes across as more frightening than anything else.

Shortly after I moved into my first apartment in Pittsburgh, unknown taggers spraypainted these sigils on the back wall of the building, just below my apartment. Hail Eris.

Photo album: San Jose, California trip, 2005

Photo album: Lyssa's graduation, University of Maryland, 2005

Kash discovers that he needs more fibre in his diet and decides to eat the bag his leftovers came in.

Back in July of 2005 when Lyssa and I were moving down to DC, we'd stuck some bottles of water in the freezer to chill them so we'd have something to get us by as we worked, because it was so bloody hot down here. What we didn't realise was that the ice would take on some pretty odd shapes while it was in the bottle. (note: might not be safe for work)

Photo album: Snowstorm in Washington, DC, 20060212

Somebody's a sci-fi fan.

Browncoats at work? Never!

The Doctor at Walking the Thresholds 2006. Thanks to Julia for this photograph.

Photo album: HOPE 2006

Photo album: San Jose, California - November 2005

Our Yule tree, December of 2005.

This guy certainly loves his car so much that he's honest about it.

So much for having a leisurely meal at McDonalds.

Fans of the Dresden Files will no doubt recognise this picture of Mister the cat.

Caught in the DJ booth at B'witche's working a little technomagick.

Photo album: Cameraphone shots from the Sisters of Mercy show in 2006 by Lyssa Heartsong and myself.

Photo album: US Air and Space Museum trip - 19 March 2006

A crashed customer service terminal at Uno's. Unfortunately, Lyssa wouldn't let me reboot it.

Only in DC will you find MSG for sale in a supermarket. You'll also find people so hardcore about eating organic foods that they might not eat bread that was cut on a machine that once cut non-organic bread.

It gets just a little foggy in downtown DC sometimes.

Don't trust your kids any farther than you can throw a Buick? Now you can buy this kit at CVS and covertly sweep your kids' things for signs of drug use!

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