Read my writeup of Summercon 2003. Entries are in reverse chronological order. Matt Burdine has put up a mirror of these images without commentary.

Friday night at the Pitt University Club: A young woman and her little one wandered through the lobby and asked what all of us were doing there. Mark Trumpbour kindly walked over and explained to her what Summercon is all about. He was very kind and sweet about it.. something you don't see often these days.

Someone in the crowd shouted to give the little one her own convention badge/pouch, which he did. Mother and baby were amused by this. I hope this starts the munchkin off on the right foot.. it'd be cool to run into her in fifteen years or so at Defcon or something.

A slightly under-lit picture of Chris Tracy during his presentation on wi-fi security. Instead of the time-honored tactic of making several hundred hardcopies of the Powerpoint presentation one of the first slides was the URL of the presentation so people could follow along in the audience.

An establishing shot of the audience on Saturday. The left hand side of the convention hall was noticably thinner.

And now what you've all been waiting for.. Redpantz and Man Power taking control. They hijacked someone's presentation early Saturday morning. Note the 40 Redpantz is holding.

Redpantz talking about frequencies of different attacks. Sometimes the others giving the presentation couldn't keep a straight face.

Don't you hate it when someone surprises you by taking your picture?

Redpantz in full effect.

RFB-002: Request For Beers - two please.

Request fulfilled. Party on.

The Cathedral of Learning at Pitt. If you look closely you can see the secret CIA monitoring station at the very top.

No, I'm kidding.

Early that evening Mark Trumpbour rounded up as many people as he could for a group picture at the front of Soldiers and Sailors hall next door. You knew this was coming. Let's get it out of the way.

"This is my torpedo, the Nebuchadnezzar. From it we hack into the Matrix and broadcast our pirate signal.."

Whoever said that hackers don't get any exercise has never been to a con. Sloppy commandeered someone's trickbike and decided to demonstrate his jumping technique using Redpantz as his objective. Red was understandably shaken by this idea and took a few basic precautions. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any shots of Sloppy in mid-air, though someone else did. I do have his victory handlebar ride, though. Of all the times to not have a video camera..

And now a few pics of myself, gathered from various Summercon 2003 albums on the Net because I didn't get any pictures of myself on my own camera. It always seems that the first pictures taken are always from behind. I'm on the right, wearing the Summercon 2003 t-shirt and wearing the X-Over bag. Here's a shot of Redpantz and myself. I managed to track down one of the group shots taken at the torpedo, too. I'm the dork trying to look hard in the middle of the image.

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