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Patrick Ivins, who plays Tobias of the Dreamspeakers, dressed as a Scotsman.

Dameon, who plays Dameon of the Sons of Ether, in costume. Love the ReBoot icon..

Ellen, who plays Heavy Metal of the Virtual Adepts, dressed as a Man in Black.

Tom, who plays Phil of the Cult of Ecstasy fully dressed.

Jason Marlor, Storyteller of the Mage venue.

Lee Belding, who plays Zak of the Sons of Ether, fully dressed.

???, who plays the Orphan ???, fully dressed.

???, who plays ??? of the Order of Hermes, ready to rock.

Lu Huan, who plays Catherine of the Celestial Chorus, fully dressed.

And here's me, who plays Reserved Operand Fault of the Virtual Adepts (and Rick Vankin of the Cult of Ecstasy) dressed as Sakurazuka Seishiro.

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