In the month of July of the year 2000, I had the unique pleasure of attending the Hackers On Planet Earth conference, held in New York City. Representing Team Virtual Adept was the.Silicon.Dragon, Alexius bani Pendragon, and myself.

The Cult of the Dead Cow really does control everything... even the fridge in our hotel room.

The antique computer equipment gallery: < ichi >, < ni >, < san >, < yon >, < go >.

A close-up shot of the front of my convention badge, and the reverse side. The milky white legends 'authentic' and 'genuine' have not been added with a graphics programme, they are how my scanner picked up the holographic anticounterfitting legends.

The legendary Bernie S.

the.Silicon.Dragon playing catch with Phred's indestructible laptop (a .mil-spec beast which survived a game of catch in the hotel room, being run over by a truck, being dropped...)

The ever stealthy Forge catches t.S.D. unaware minutes after arriving at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

Jello Biafra speaks on Saturday: one, two, three, and four

A random group of Linux junkies doing what they do best in the communal hall.

Strick sporting an old-school t-shirt.

Aka-Omi representing.

Even without their computers, Virtual Adepts the.Silicon.Dragon, The Doctor, and Alexius bani Pendragon are a force to be reckoned with. Even though t.S.D. does have his trusty Palm Vx clutched in his teeth in this shot...

An associate of Forge, herr Phred brought with him an impressive array of equipment, including a minidisc recorder from Nihon with a storage capacity unheard of in the United States... 'Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil.'

Don't even think it.

the.Silicon.Dragon, Phred, and Forge boldly march into the future.

Looking for me?

Put that script down or I shall taunt you with another strange gesture!

You were expecting maybe Andrew Eldritch?

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