Somewhen around 20 May 2005, I was in a car crash that totalled my silver Oldsmobile, fondly referred to as the TARDIS, which had been my constant companion for almost five years (since I returned to Pittsburgh from IUP, in fact). I snapped a couple of photographs of my car after the wreck, which I've just now found the time to put up.

The right flank, where you can clearly see most of the body torn away to expose the mountings. This was actually done by one of the guys who wrecked into the TARDIS because the bumper was so crumpled that the rear wheels wouldn't turn. There's a closeup of the mountings, also.

It's not always a bad thing when you don't know the full extent of what's happened, in this case, because the rear quarter of the car was squished. The trunk lid had to be prised open with a crowbar so I could get to my luggage. The trunk lid was unclosable after that and had to be fastened down with a heavy duty bungie strap (which wrapped around the bumper mount to hold it down). The tail lights were completely gone and a lot of wiring was left exposed. Thankfully the rear brakes were intact and I was able to limp home. A detail shot shows how evenly the damage was done to the rear end, because the hit was straight-on.

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