For the party Lyssa set up an ancestor altar on the balcony for everyone who attended our party at the new apartment. Up close you can see the wreath and vines, the black candle (for death), the photograph and obituary of Dr. Audrey-Beth Fitch, the white candles (for life), ready supplies of incense to burn as offerings, Shinto inari altar statuettes (provided by the Lost Boys), matches, popurri, and photographs of people who've gone beyond this year. Farther back you can see the white votive candles along the front edge of the table for people to light in memoriam of someone as well as purple Halloween garland along the railing and the house guardians (the boar's head is ours the fox skin was provided by the Lost Boys) and the cauldron for burning offerings, like the ghost money (top left corner, in front of the tube of incense sticks), which are part of a Japanese tradition of making offerings of money for the dead to use on the other side.

Lauren in her belly dancing costume and showing off her muscle control.

Party folks: John, Ellen, Allison, and Aaron (left to right)

Jarin, Solo, and Kash (left to right)

Lyssa as Mad Hatter, from Angel Sanctuary.

Closeups of the guardians, the boar's head mask and the fox skin.

Lyssa gets Aaron's attention.

Elwing finally wore her vinyl dress.

Chris sizes up the buffet.

Chris as ?????.

Elwing introduces Rialian to Dance Dance Revolution.

Solo and Jarin (left and right) playing Dance Dance Revolution as Elwing, Kash, Rialian, and Helen (left to right) look on in the background.

Lauren, Lyssa, Laurelinde, and Ellen (top left to bottom right) hanging out in the library.

de Kasha Rei.

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