William Gibson standing at the podium. And again, with some colour correction.

Gibson answering questions from the audience.

The Doctor with Lyssa Heartsong holding his hardbound edition of Neuromancer after getting it autographed by William Gibson.

The Doctor and Lyssa again, this time showing off the autographed Neuromancer video game box. Also, a closeup of the game box's signature.

Lyssa Heartsong.

Gibson signing a book in profile.

the.Silicon.Dragon having a Michelin map of London signed, a reference to a passage from Pattern Recognition.

Silicon's favourite t-shirt.

We were also lucky enough to have a group picture taken. From left to right: Lyssa Heartsong, The Doctor, William Gibson, and the.Silicon.Dragon.

The distance pictures need worked on badly. If anyone hates what I've done to them and would like to help, e-mail me privately and I'll send you the originals to work from. Your help will definitely be credited.

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