Some of the states represented at the World War II Memorial in DC: Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Washington, and two others (out of focus). Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, the District of Columbia, and others.

Part of the reflecting pool, with the fountain going full blast.

Looking straight up through one of the wreaths.

Here's a bit more detail on the wreath.

Closeup of the waterfall.

Closeups of the memorabelia left by visitors: Paper stars and photographs; t-shirt and flowers; stars, photographs, and dried flowers; photograph of a fallen soldier's wife and child, more photographs; papers, ribbons, and letters, a wreath and many photographs; a single ribbon hidden in a niche; a photograph of Stanley W. Dekowski of Uniontown, PA; a pack of cigarettes and the enlistment papers of Thomas F. Divine (sp?); a closeup of the enlistment papers; ribbons, badges, and a small plastic army guy; a single seashell; many signatures (yes, I know it's dark; I can't correct it without blurring the writing); photographs of one Floyd Shower, sealed in plastic; an American WWII Orphans Network ribbon.

Bronze stars, one for some number of US troops killed in World War II.

Lyssa standing by the reflecting pool.

The Doctor standing by the reflecting pool.

A little fountain, representing one of the fronts of World War II (in this case, North Africa).

Inscriptions at the World War II memorial: One, two, three.

Pennsylvania's monolith at the memorial.

The following pictures were taken the same day, only at the Smithsonian Institution:

Muhammed Ali's boxing gloves.

Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet.

Yorick the skeleton, replete with skeletal prosthetics.

The Abiocor artificial heart.

Artefacts from the World's Fair.

Desert sand turned into glass by the Trinity test It's technically called trinitite.

Stuff from nuke plants during the Cold War era: A warning sign, pocket dosimeters, a pair of radiation exposure badges, and unidentified sensors (?) in the bottom-right corner.

Birth control pills.

The amateur radio station at the Smithsonian, callsign NN3SI: One, two.

Computer exhibit at the Smithsonian. Under each system is a stack of related magazines for that particular platform.

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