On 22 March 2003, The Keep celebrated its first birthday party. The Keep is a text-based VR system that I sometimes hang out on, and it's just passed its one year anniversary. 'lex, Rainbow, and Taja threw a party for the users not long ago. Users from all over the NPA map came out to have a good time, from 412 and 724 to 814 and 202 and all LATAs in between.

From left to right, Soulkry, Fern, and Vlad II.

Here's Dutin videotaping me photographing him.

On the front couch, from left to right, is Dutin, Blackcat, Katina and Alexandra, and Eggman.

Tygeress caught taking a picture of someone else.

Kenshin and his daughter.

Little does Kenshin realise, his daughter is possessed!

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