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Swift Fox suspending Barney from a hangman's noose.

Barney mere seconds after the trapdoor opens.

First contestant: Johnathan the samurai panda. China looks on in the background.

Lusting for blood the sword draws Johnathan around for the first strike.

Now properly blindfolded, Max Fox moves Johnathan into position.

Panda ieido.

First blood! Johnathan's first swing decapitates Barney and spills candy upon the ground. The other furs, knowing well the dangers of diving for sugary treats when there is a sword wielding panda around, wisely remain out of the frame.

Second contestant: China. Barney's head can be seen in the background.

A swing and a miss.

Third contestant: Vanyel Ashke.

Another swing and a miss.

ConColor sizes up the situation.

Barney's been gut shot.

Fifth contestant: Aris Ether.

No dice.

Enough with the horseplay, China does it right.

Steady... steady...

Lining up her swing...

There isn't much left of the pinata. Candy can be seen scattered all over the ground.

ConColor as Entei. This was taken at the bowling alley later that night.

ConColor as Entei and Mandy dancing at the bowling alley later that night.

The inevitable group picture. From left to right: Boomer, PanzerNeko (above), Swift Fox (below), Richchet, Vanyel (above), Max Fox (below), Aris (above), China (below), Amaurq (above), Mandy (below), ConColor (above), Fox_Cub (below), some random guy at the alley (above), Big Bad Wolf (below).

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