Your basic pose; this shows off my clothing more than anything else. In this image I'm wearing a pair of plain black jeans, a black turtleneck with the collar turned up, a white dress shirt (buttoned up the front and untucked) that's about three sizes too large, and a red-and-black silk vest. Out of the frame are my high-heeled ankleboots. In case you're curious I'm standing in front of my altar, which is in front of the bookcases in my lab.

This is one of the more odd poses people tell me that I adopt: Leaning over from the waist with my hands in my pockets. I don't know why I do this, I just do and don't really think about it. Clothing hasn't changed here though you do have an excellent view of my TARDIS key hanging down from beneath the collar of my shirt. Visible in the background is a better view of my altar (two action figures, Dream from Sandman and Hexadecimal from ReBoot can be seen sitting on SAL-9000, my incense burners are on the table next to the floppy disk drives along with a Commodore 300bps external modem and a stack of 9-track data tapes, 5.25 and 8 inch floppy disks, and assorted CD-ROMs).

Just because I've never done this before I decided to try a cruciform pose. Yes, it's corny; deal with it.

This shot was taken for the heck of it - the black bar I'm holding is a black anodized ninja-to sword that I use for ceremonial purposes. It's usually found sitting in its scabbard on top of one of the VT-100 terminals that hold my altar up. I just felt like showing off here.

Staring at the other side of my lab for a while I found the walking stick that I thought I'd lost. I couldn't resist not having it in a couple of shots. Technically, I havn't needed a walking stick since I put my leg back together but I do carry one as an affectation on occasion.

A Time Lord. A teddy bear. A hug. All good things.

As promised I preserved my braid for posterity. I usually wore it behind my left ear where it often blended in with the rest of my hair so you really had to look carefully to find it. It was always kind of fuzzy because my hair never really grew evenly on a small scale, the stray hairs sticking out everywhere aren't a recent development. At the time it was cut it was about thirteen inches in length, give or take a bit.

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