The Doctor at the Dallas International Airport.

The Doctor as seen through the video interface of his familiar, Kosh.

"It is better, this way, yes? Else we make the tunel infinity, mirror into mirror..."

I think I just made it onto another 'investigate this guy' list somewhere...

You'd be amazed at the amount of stuff I can get into my pockets. In the centre of the image Ambassador Kosh is working its way through our soundtrack while Alexius and I get our game-faces on for DC9.

Alexius bani Pendragon ready to roll.

What did you say your username was?

I definitely don't get out enough.

Cancer Omega is a walking terrorist weapon, or at least that is what the United States government's ITAR regulations once said. And probably will again shortly.

Cancer Omega.

Here's a nifty idea.. someone built a deck inside a suitcase.

This is probably the funniest license plate I have ever seen. If you are the owner of this vehicle, please e-mail me!


Hacker Jeopardy round one: The Drunken Whores and Team Jabber Condition.

The hacktivism panel on Saturday.

The cDc representative raping Barney.

I don't know who this guy is but he's taking care of the latest generation of cDc shock troopers. If anyone knows his handle please let me know so I can credit him properly.

No, this isn't another of my lame attempts at image manipulation, it's just an image that turned out really neat.

Winn Schwartau chugs when he gets his own question wrong during round two of Hacker Jeopardy.

Bladeless Axe and Little Susan share a tender moment with Vixen before the final round of Hacker Jeopardy.

Renderman tells it like it is.

I promised this picture to someone, but I lost his business card. Drop me a line!

Darkangel and I.

Hacker Jeopardy's returning champions, Team SETEC .

Introducing the challengers... Team Jabber Condition.

Now here's a man who drinks like a Callahan.

I never was able to get a good picture of everyone in Team SETEC.

Little Susan.

Gods, I'm fried...

Alexius' five-second mission.. to give the Doubletree Hotel the seal of approval .

Ooh.. squishy shirt...

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