A Time Lord missing home. There's another one of me looking out over the city of San Francisco These photographs were taken by Bladeless Axe while I was visiting San Jose, California in October of 2005. Specifically, they were taken while we were hiking in the mountains that overlook San Francisco around 0200 PST. The aperature of the camera was wide open to collect enough light (most of which was supplied by the city itself), which is why they look a little grainy. If anyone can help me clean them up a little, please contact me privately.

A very large photograph (suitable for use as a background) of the city of San Francisco at night. Again, this photograph was taken by Bladeless Axe, I've just scaled it down a few thousand pixels on a side (did I mention that she's got a digital camera with the resolution of God?)

During a lunch break at training I stumbled across a Japanese technology import store that had bleeding edge laptops from overseas. As you can see, they had handwriting recognition capabilities, also.

A long shot of the courtyard at the Apple Computer campus taken at night on my phonecam.

The visitor's entrance of Apple.

On my last day I decided to go hiking in downtown San Jose, and wound up on an overpass. Don't ask.

In a forgotten video arcade in Santa Clara, Bladeless and I found this ancient Pong clone stuffed in a corner.

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