Tag: retro

  1. For you old-school BBS users out there, Jason Scott is putting something familiar online for you.

    27 May 2007

    Over at textfiles.com, Jason Scott is adding to his already voluminous archive by acquiring and putting online the contents of archive CDs, such as the shareware, text file, and artpack CDs that we used to burn our connection minutes on downloading files. Herr Scott says that, because he's downloaded these collections of files from the Net there's no way of knowing if they're complete, but you're likely to find something that you remember from back in the day.

    As always, he's accepting donations of files to add to his collection.


  2. It's now 41 degrees Farenheit, and trying to rain. What gives?!

    29 January 2007

    This morning, after arriving at the Metro station closest to my office and climbing the escalator (I need exercise, what can I say?) to the platform closest the street, I noticed something that you don't hear very often in downtown DC: Swimming through the air thanks to the odd accoustics of the Metro station above the sound of the traffic was music. Live music, replete with the little vibratos and imperfections that come with playing the same particular instrument for many years for hours on end. Pan pipes, a wooden flute, bass, and a drum machine.

    After going topside again …