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  1. For you old-school BBS users out there, Jason Scott is putting something familiar online for you.

    27 May 2007

    Over at textfiles.com, Jason Scott is adding to his already voluminous archive by acquiring and putting online the contents of archive CDs, such as the shareware, text file, and artpack CDs that we used to burn our connection minutes on downloading files. Herr Scott says that, because he's downloaded these collections of files from the Net there's no way of knowing if they're complete, but you're likely to find something that you remember from back in the day.

    As always, he's accepting donations of files to add to his collection.


  2. Misfortune strikes, and the call for assistance goes out.

    22 March 2007

    No, not for me. For Ashran and Summer Gildowan and their children, whose home was taken from them by a fire on the 20th of March, just a couple of days ago. Ashran was in the house while it was on fire, in the shower, as coincidence would have it. Still, he is hospitalised at this time, and burned over 20% of his body. He's not going to be in shape to start his new job in April, and due to the slightly mangled state of his shell he can't work at his current job.

    Camp Cambodia has put out …


  3. Nakamatsu Yoshiro's patents.

    05 February 2007

    EDIT: Google link fixed! Chris, one of my readers, was kind enough to fire over to me a link to Nakamatsu Yoshiro's portfolio of patents, courtesy of Google. There is some fairly mundane stuff in here, like a couple of patents related to golf clubs, a device for increasing the activity of the human brain, and some just plain nifty stuff. I get the feeling that this is only a partial list, because he's reputed to have a couple of thousand under his belt.