A relaxing Wednesday night hanging around the apartment.

25 January 2007

Last night was one of the more fun and interesting nights I've had in a while. After Lyssa and I got home last night we took turns playing Dance Dance Revolution Supernova, which I'd gotten for her for Yule last year (she played first while I ate dinner and got some lifestyle maintenance done, then she took a shower while I played a few rounds), and then we picked up and got into the TARDIS to pick up Orthaevelve, who was celebrating signing her first publishing contract with Immanion Press. We first hit the local library to return Lyssa's library books and figure out what went wonky with my library card (and promptly got lost for a time in our respective sections of choice), then Whole Paycheque so that Lyssa could get dinner, and headed for home to hang out and goof off. Orthaevelve and I got caught up talking about applied natural (and not so) philosophy for most of the night, finally winding up around 2330 EST/EDT. We started comparing how to go about certain things, and then started bouncing ideas off of one another...

You know how it goes. One things leads to another, and then the next thing you know we've figured out how to replicate the Tunguska event and provoke a technological singularity at the same time. Now I really want to finish my book. She's the third of my friends that have published now.

I drove her home shortly therafter and then headed back to collapse into bed because I was just this side of exhaustion. I've been wondering if my body hasn't been getting sick lately, given a couple of cues I've been picking up.