Tag: technomagick

  1. Walking the Thresholds: This one went to eleven.

    18 June 2008

    At more or less the last minute last week, I decided to attend Walking the Thresholds 0x0B at the Four Quarters Farm, just over the Pennsylvania border, in the lands I simultaneously love and fear because they're so far off the grid that you're fortunate to get three GPS satellites to lock on to. After co-ordinating with Hasufin, Mika, and Sarah for a bit it was decided that I'd head over to their place, leave the TARDIS behind to save on fuel costs, and ride up with them. Our colleague in arms and all things nerdcore Jason would be going …


  2. Sacrificing spam when you can't sacrifice spammers.

    28 January 2008

    Due to the fact that Rending the Veil hasn't finished restoring older articles from backup since the last server migration, I'm reposting my last article they published on harvesting the energy spent by spammers in trying to get us to buy their crap.

    Spam. Junk e-mail. Things you can't say in mixed company.

    No matter what you may call it, we're talking about the same thing: E-mail that you didn't ask for and don't want filling up your inbox, sometimes making it impossible to find real e-mail. It's a nuisance that netizens have been fighting for years. In terms of …


  3. Reformatting as banishing of ritual space.

    31 October 2007

    Due to the fact that Rending the Veil magazine has not finished restoring the backlog of old articles following a server migration, here is my first article published by them, on reformatting a computer as banishing and consecration of ritual space.

    In many paradigms of Western magick, rituals are often performed to dedicate some area for use as a temple. Theoretically, by dedicating a space and everything within it to the will of the magickian(s), workings will be untainted by stray ideas, thereby leading to a more precise result. Interpreting sacred space as a reflection of the practitioners’ consciousness …


  4. Now I've got some free time, how about a bit more about WtT X?

    19 June 2007

    What a week. As the Finn once said, "There's no rest for the wicked," and that seems to be the absolute truth anymore. Between driving, running around, paperwork, getting things together, and a whole right host of other things, I've barely had any time to sit down and write a proper entry. Last night was something of an anomaly because I'd managed to free up some time and do something with it.

    So let's see if I can do it again.

    Lyssa and I got up at some point on Saturday morning, cold, shivering, damp in ways that H.P …


  5. A relaxing Wednesday night hanging around the apartment.

    25 January 2007

    Last night was one of the more fun and interesting nights I've had in a while. After Lyssa and I got home last night we took turns playing Dance Dance Revolution Supernova, which I'd gotten for her for Yule last year (she played first while I ate dinner and got some lifestyle maintenance done, then she took a shower while I played a few rounds), and then we picked up and got into the TARDIS to pick up Orthaevelve, who was celebrating signing her first publishing contract with Immanion Press. We first hit the local library to return Lyssa's library …


  6. Signature Generator v1.1

    21 January 2007

    This utility was designed to convert information about someone or something into a form better suited for magickal operations. It's written in Perl and outputs an MD5 message digest suitable for use in sigils, mantras, chanting, or what have you. Documentation is built in and displayed with the command signature_generator-1.1.pl --help.

    The utility requires the Perl module Digest::MD5, which is included with most any copy of Perl these days.



  7. Gematria v1.0

    21 January 2007

    This is one of my first technomagickal experiments written in Perl, a utility that converts words written in English or Hebrew characters into numbers for use in gematria, a process used to discern concealed patterns and relationships between words, and thus their associated concepts.

    I originally developed this utility with Perl v5.6, and it runs under v5.8 and later without trouble.

    gematria-1.0.pl --help will print the online help.

    gematria-1.0.pl --how_to_supply_hebrew_words will explain how to pass Hebrew characters to the utility.



  8. You might be a technopagan if...

    17 January 2007

    • You write computer viruses that contain copies of your memories. You're going to live forever, dammit!
    • An antiviral software company has to release updates as a result.
    • You've used a fractal explorer as a pathworking tool.
    • You've used awk and sed to assist in temurah.
    • You've written a compiler for a magickal language.
    • You've defined a new Unicode mapping for a magickal language you've created.
    • You wrote a search engine for your book of shadows.
    • You've ever consecrated a PDA.
    • ...and now no one else understands how to use it.
    • You use a .wav file, Google, and your display instead …