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  1. First imprints.

    16 August 2023

    From time to time lately I've been thinking about what Cory Doctorow called the enshittification of just about everything and peoples' reactions to it. Sometimes there are less shitty alternatives which present themselves with a little looking, sometimes there aren't. Most interestingly, and this is a bit more common than I find comfortable, other solutions or alternatives to those things that are suddenly now user hostile are just... well... the reaction to them is like somebody just told the other person to shove a pair of daisies up their nostrils and hum Yankee Doodle. I've started filing this under the …


  2. Mark Nicholas: Live, on 9 June 2007!

    01 June 2007

    Mark Nicholas, formerly known as the band Cosmicity, has announced that he'll be playing a live concert next Saturday at In Perpetual Motion net.radio to promote his upcoming east coast tour. Mark's partner in crime DJ Ginger Snapp will be joining him in concert as his engineer and backup singer, which is always a treat.

    The show begins at 2030 EST5EDT - hit the 'listen live' link and watch and listen!