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  1. Source code to Javascript botnet agent leaked!

    03 April 2007

    Remember the software that Billy Hoffman demo'd at Shmoocon 2007 - the Javascript that turns any capable web browser into a zombie?

    One Mike Schroll snagged a copy while in the audience and posted it to his website. From there, about 100 somebodies downloaded copies, which no doubt have spread farther.

    You can bet that this is going to find illicit use soon. For Firefox users, I strongly suggest that you look into installing a plug-in called NoScript, which lets you decide whether or not to execute the Javascript embedded in a particular web page.

    As always, read the documentation.


  2. Cross-platform droneware: Bots written in Javascript.

    29 March 2007

    Billy Hoffman of the security outfit SPI Dynamics unveiled the fruits of his research at Shmoocon last weekend (which I'm still miffed about not being able to attend), botnet software written in Javascript that runs on any modern web browser. His prototype botnet agent is called Jikto, and it searches for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in websites after beginning execution when the user looks at a malicious website or e-mail message. Periodically, it will phone home with vulnerable URLs and details of same. This means that even Net-capable cellphones can unwittingly be turned into botnet members.

    Javascript can hypothetically be dropped …