Interviewed by College v2.0!

A couple of weeks back Project Byzantium was contacted by Jeffrey Young, a journalist with the Chronicle of Higher Education working the online beat. He'd heard about the project and wanted to interview the developers; after some discussion on the mailing list he and I set up a time and spoke on the phone for an hour or so. A couple of days ago the article went live on their website, and I must say that I'm very pleased with how well it turned out. All I can speak to are my bits, but the location aside (we meet at HacDC and not someone's house) it's accurate. On behalf of the other developers, we would appreciate it greatly if everyone took a few minutes to read the article, and if you like what we're doing please check out our mailing list and make your voice heard. We can really use help developing right now - experience building live distributions of Linux would be nice, and experience programming in Python with CherryPy would be immensely helpful!

On to ContactCon!