Misfortune strikes, and the call for assistance goes out.

No, not for me. For Ashran and Summer Gildowan and their children, whose home was taken from them by a fire on the 20th of March, just a couple of days ago. Ashran was in the house while it was on fire, in the shower, as coincidence would have it. Still, he is hospitalised at this time, and burned over 20% of his body. He's not going to be in shape to start his new job in April, and due to the slightly mangled state of his shell he can't work at his current job.

Camp Cambodia has put out the word for assistance while they work to help their friends and family, and thus do I repost the information to all of you: They need money, clothing, housewares, and computer components for communications.

Rialian has volunteered to collect everything and drive it out to them as soon as possible.

Lyssa and I are collecting stuff to give to them - I've got some clothes to donate, but I don't know if they'll fit Ashran or not because he's quite a tall individual. I have a couple of pairs of boots and such like that I'm going to throw into the mix, along with a few pre-paid credit cards from Visa that can be used like a regular charge card. I've also given Tori the run of my spare parts bin to help out however I can on the frankenputer.

Rialian has graciously volunteered use of the Walking the Thresholds registration form for donating funds to the Gildowan family - put 'Gildowan' (the family's surname) in the Paypal notes to make sure that it gets to them.