Transformer fire, NOVA apartment complex.

Aug 21 2010

Driving home yesterday evening I nearly jumped out of my skin when a bright flash of light reflected in my rearview mirror nearly blinded me, closely followed by what I can best describe as a cartoon-character-gets-zapped sound effect that I heard even through closed windows and the air conditioning going at full blast. In a move that probably says more about my sense of self-preservation than anything else, I threw the TARDIS into park, jumped out, and ran toward the source of the sound - a rapidly descending power company cherrypicker below what used to be a small transformer on the pole. Said former transformer had apparently shorted out and caught fire while undergoing maintenance. I saw that the people working over there seemed okay - everybody was walking, talking, not clutching any body parts, and not laying on the ground so I snapped a couple of pictures with my smartphone. When those suckers go up, those suckers really go up.

By the way, the default camera app in Android v2.0 sucks - they took out the zoom feature.