Peter Steele, RIP.

Every once in a while, rumors that Peter Steele, frontman and bassist of the band Type O Negative had died would circulate through the Net; time and again, those rumors would be disproven and shown to be either a practical joke (in poor taste) or just that: rumors.

Not this time, unfortunately.

This morning at 0610 EST5EDT members of the band announced publically (note: no direct link to these posts so they'll probably rot over time) that Steele had died after a brief illness the evening of 14 April 2010. The cause of death is unknown, though heart failure is suspected; an autopsy is pending. While Steele (real name: Petrus Ratajczyk) was known to have a history of substance abuse (even spending some time in prison for it) it is said that he'd been clean for a couple of years prior to his death. Type O Negative hit the big time in 1993 with the release of their third album, Bloody Kisses, which paced back and forth between metal, dirge-goth, occasional parody, and moody introspection. The band was in the process of writing music for a new album, a followup to Dead Again, which was released in 2007.

We're going to miss you, Peter. See you beyond the edge of Time.

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