Now we can watch television while we're shopping?

29 December 2009

On my way home after work this afternoon I stopped at the Safeway a couple of blocks from the apartment complex Lyssa and I live at to pick up a few last minute items for dinner. On my way out I stumbled across a most curious thing: a TV Kart, which appears to one of those shopping carts with the vehicle-like plastic thingy underneath that lets kids pretend they're driving with a pair of television screens attached to them. The idea is that you check one out on your Safeway membership card, unplug it from the recharging station, and wander around the store half watching television and half looking for whatever it is that you're there for. It would appear that kids need their pacifying media device also. The screens of the TV Kart I saw weren't functioning at the time so I don't know if they even work (though I strongly suspect that they do) or what they normally show. It wouldn't surprise me if they played an endless stream of commercials or adverts for Safeway. I've half a mind to go back there this weekend and try to chase down one of them just to see what's up with them.

This twenty minutes into the future stuff is starting to give me a migraine.