Wikileaks in dire financial straits, has suspended operations.

For several years now, the website Wikileaks (mirrored across the global Net as well as a couple of darknets) has been the first place to go if you wanted to learn about anything shady going on. Founded as a clearinghouse for whistleblowers and do-gooders by Sunshine Press, they make it their business to archive and disseminate sensitive documents that were leaked because they provide proof of dastardly goings-on in the world, from illegal search and seizure to confidential e-mails about screwed up policies and procedures to hit lists of thorns in the collective side of the powers that be. A number of human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, have declared Wikileaks indispensable to their missions. It's been said that Wikileaks has been responsible for more news scoops in its three years of operation than the Washington Post in the past three decades (thus sayeth The National). It's also come under fire in court time and again for its actions and successfully won each and every case. However, Wikileaks has become popular enough that it's having trouble paying the bills because they get so many hits that they have to keep upgrading their computing infrastructure to handle the load. The project relies upon private contributions to keep running, and they can't accept funding from corporations or government organizations because it would compromise their impartiality; once you start taking money from the powers that be, the powers that be start exercising power over how you operate and that would include keeping certain documents from being released to the public.

If you go to their frontpage (linked above) there are links to a number of ways of donating to the project. If you can't send money but you do have rackspace, processing power, storage space, and a network link that you can donate to Wikileaks for at least one calendar year contact them to work something out. They can always use more silicon and bandwidth to add to their infrastructure. If you can work pro bono on their legal defense if and when it comes up (and it does come up), please do so. If you have money that you can send their way, by all means please do so.

(Thanks to Spellbinder for the heads-up.)