Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Now that it's Thanksgiving Day and there's nothing to do until the turkey has finished roasting in the oven, I've got a chance to write about everything that's happened in the past couple of days.

Aside from adding a thirteenth bookcase to the apartment (which actually contains the bulk of our DVD collection) last Saturday brought with it an afternoon with the Mad Scientist Coffee Klatsch while Lyssa stayed home to relax. I spent the afternoon with Hasufin, Mika, and Jason trading doomsday scenarios that ran the gamut of elegance, subtlty, and destructive potential, an activity which I'm surprised didn't empty out our favorite coffee shop or bring the police. I left MSC early that afternoon because Lyssa had made dinner and I wanted to spend some time with her before she went to the movies with Bronwyn. For my part, all I was feeling up for was sitting around the apartment and reading, which I did in spades.

Sunday was a bit more of an adventure; a number of stores in the DC metroplex are going out of business (or have done so by now) due to the recent downturn in the economy, which means that the weekend was chock full of vulture sales. To that end, Lyssa and I met up with Jason, Hasufin, and Mika, and after a short breakfast at Millennium Bagel (which has amazingly tasty sandwiches for a bagel shop), dropped off Lyssa at home, and then the four of us set out to pick over the corpses of the stores that were closing. Our first stop was the Circuit City on route 7 in NOVA, which we discovered wasn't actually going out of business. In hindsight, compared to the Circuit City which was closing, which I'll get to in a moment, this fact should have been obvious. While there, I picked up a new pair of headphones for Bronwyn and an unusual find, what could be the world's smallest Bluetooth adapter. The second Circuit City we came to was most definitely going out of business - prices were cut up to 50% on everything they had on the floor at the time, and people were all but fighting over stuff. While there, I picked up another two gigs of RAM for Leandra for about $85us; Hasufin walked away with a brand new LCD flatpanel television for something like $800us. No, I'm serious. I'd be surprised if there was anything left there by now.

After dropping the television off we got back into Jason's van and set course for Maryland to pay Smile Herbs a visit. While en route we happened across an unfortunately common circumstance in the DC area, a multiple car collision on route 1. The first crash on the northbound side of route 1 happened while we were stuck on the on-ramp in traffic. I think that three cars were involved judging by the number of cars sprawled around the street. Then, about two minutes later (while we were still waiting for traffic to break up), someone slowed down to check out the damage and was promptly rear ended, thus adding to the fun and games. So far as I could tell, no one involved was hurt; small blessings and all that. It was decided once we got back underway that we were going to get dinner after we were done shopping to let traffic thin out. I only had to get a few things to compound some of my special coffee later this year, but Hasufin and Mika practically cleaned the place out in the process of restocking their kitchen. They say that half of good cooking is using good ingredients, and they're absolutely right. We left shortly before nightfall and spent something like the next hour trying to find the final store going out of business, a little shop called Spark of Spirit which had been a fixture in College Park for the last few years. The four of us arrived just as they were locking the door but a little practical application of cute got them to keep the store open for another hour so we could look through what was left of the books, jewelry, and sundries for things that we needed. I came away with a couple of lodestones, some tektites, and a few phials of ink for Lyssa's glass pens - I didn't need much but on the other hand I like to support local stores, whether or not they're closing their doors.

After looting the final corpse we retired to Plato's on route 1 for dinner, whereupon we rediscovered how good the food is there, and watched Jason somehow cause a bottle of ketchup to explode all over the place, dousing the both of us and our side of the booth in Heinz's finest.

After work on Monday night Lyssa and I went out to dinner with Hasufin and Mika and then retired home to curl up with Lyssa's gingerbread and coffee for dessert and to catch Hausfin up on the 1980's. As you may recall, last year one of my Yule gifts was the Deckard's briefcase boxed set of Blade Runner, a movie which Hasufin had never seen before. Lyssa and I weren't about to let Hasufin's cultural education languish any farther, so we showed hime one of the classics of cinema - the final director's cut, no less.

To catch everyone up to the present, much of this week has left me trudging home after work, running on fumes as it were. It's now Thanksgiving Day, and this is the first chance I've had to not only sit on my ass for a whlie but reflect on what's been going on. I haven't had time to keep up with the news as much as usual, which is why I haven't been writing about anything interesting happening in the world lately. I've wanted to write about the partial WPA crack of a few weeks ago but haven't even finished going through the math behind it to write a good precis. Same with the HIV-positive patient going into remission for all practical purposes after recieving a bone marrow transplant from someone with a rare mutation which makes them immune to AIDS. Oh, and let's not forget the teenage girl who lived for 118 days with a cardiac prosthesis, which to my knowledge hasn't been done since the 1980's. Also, I've got a bit of a headache that's been distracting me for most of today; a couple of glasses of water haven't put a dent in it (I usually get dehydrated around this time of year), though the ibuprofin is just now kicking in.

Tonight's the Cruxshadows concert, which I'll post about later.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don't eat too much, and be careful out there if you go anywhere.