Forget pizza money, how about chipping in to hire a bouncer?

In London, England, someone posted details about the birthday party of one Stephen Worthy, age 18, on the Net, which was summarily read by some number of people Out There... the day of the party the location was invaded by over one hundred teenagers, who not only crashed the party but trashed the house and sent the poor guy to the hospital via airlift. His father, 53 year old David Worthy, was put on the shelf with a broken nose, provided at the hand of one of the party crashers. It was supposed to be a private 18th birthday party but someone leaked the information, and all hell broke loose.

Stephen's out of the hospital, incidentally, and up and around, as is his father. Six of the unknown number of teens were arrested; all were released on bail.

I have to ask this question: What in the almighty Hell would cause anyone out there to think that taking a party by siege was a good idea? No, seriously, I want to know what sort of person would do that.. leaking word of a party is one thing, and teens disliking one another quite another, but... why?

This sort of thing blows my mind. This is like a World of Warcraft raid gone horribly wrong. Have personal ethics in this day and age atrophied to the point where it's acceptable to invade someone's personal space and private gather, wreck the place, and steal things that don't belong to you just because someone's address found its way onto a website?? I'm about to have a "damn kids" moment, but when I was around that age doing anything of that sort was simply unthinkable. Unless you had a pair of stones the size of Cisco Catalyst 3800's, crashing a party that you found out about on the sly just didn't happen, because there was no way you'd get in any of the doors at the site. Maybe if it was a rough party you'd get bounced around a bit for trying, but socially speaking it never even occurred to any of us.