Cryptome taken offline without reason.

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Cryptome is one of the longest-running websites on the Net for information related to personal privacy, whistleblowing and other sorts of information that make the people we're supposed to trust look bad. On 28 April 2007 John Young recieved a notice from his hosting company that Cryptome's plug would be pulled due to a violation of their terms of service agreement. It should be noted that this has happened many times since the site opened in 1999, and each time Verio has accepted Young's explanation for why a particular document was available. This time, they're accepting no reason at all and just terminating the site on 4 May 2007.

Now, let's see what might have caused it... a list of over three thousand US troops who've died in Iraq, with only a fraction of them ever mentioned by the press? The announcement of the creation of an NSA training facility outside of San Antonio, Texas? The Coast Guard getting screwed by a contractor? those are just from the past two weeks...