So let's try something different...

11 April 2007

In an earlier entry I pontificated about a number of things, among them not feeling very comfortable using a web browser for some weird-reason to write posts, as I much prefer a dedicated application of some kind.

Sure, it feels weird, but I'm one of those folks who uses the right tool for the right job - I don't use a screwdriver as a can opener, nor do I use a hammer to perform brain surgery (because I don't work helpdesk anymore). So, I've decided to try out a couple of dedicated applications to see if it makes a difference.

That, and I'm cutting my caffeine intake so that I can concentrate more strongly on what I'm doing. So, I've installed two applications on my laptop, BloGTK and the Gnome Blogging Applet, configured them for my weblogging system, and I'll be posting a little with them as I have time to see how well they work, whether or not they mess up posts, and suchlike. If nothing else, they'll make it easy for me to cut-and-paste text into entries.

Upon first examination, BloGTK forces me to enter at least a little HTML into text to format it. I'm not too wild yet about the 'Extended Entry' pane, but I'll see what I can fiddle with in the configuration to make it more comfortable.

The "Preview Post" pane is pretty handy, I'll admit. However, the 'Extended Entry' pane doesn't seem to do what I need it to do, which is put text behind the entry-cut. It also didn't put my keywords in place. On top of all of that, it seems to have hosed my text formatting somewhat.

Bleh. I'm not impressed yet.