Snow for sale and more.

For those of you wondering if winter's ever going to arrive, wonder no more! Someone in Fort Collins, Colorado is selling samples of snow from the blizzards they've been having all season. He's selling ten (10) samples at $0.99us each, shipped in sealed one gallon baggies. So far, he hasn't decided if he's going to pack the in dry ice for preservation.

Just when you thought home aquaria had reached its pinnacle, someone comes along and builds a habitrail for his fish that goes all through his apartment. Hacking home fabrication systems.

Here's an unclassified memo written by the Transportation Safety Office that I'd never even considered: How to search service animals, like dogs and monkeys. Among the gems in this set of guidelines, it is important to carry proof that said service animal is not, in fact a pet, that TSO officers are trained to not actually touch service animals (good, they understand that part), if you have to leave the 'sterile area' so the animal can do its business, you'll have to undergo the screening process all over again, and that the diaper worn by helper monkeys may have to be searched.

Introducing the the iRobot, a robotics hobby kit from the creators of the Roomba and the Scooba. It's a kit in the sense that you get a crate full of gear to work with, you don't actually have to build the whole thing yourself, but this means that you do get to start hacking on it as soon as you get it. You plug its onboard microcontroller stright into your computer and start uploading code into it. The iRobot is also designed for expandability: There is a cargo bay which can be used for the attachment of peripherals you build yourself, such as new sensor packages or possibly maniulators (or a taser gun...). It comes already equipped with a basic sensor package with 32 inputs and 10 built-in demo programmes, so you can mess around with it before you really get into hacking them. As for some of the projects people are already doing with the iRobot, check out the Bionic Hamster.

I wonder if they named the hamster Steve...

Yvonne de Carlo, who played Lily Munster, is dead at the age of 84. Requisat en pace.

Happy birthday, Joe McMoneagle.