Tag: zipping

  1. Unauthorized use of communications satellites for propaganda bombing.

    13 April 2007

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, also known as the Tamil Tigers, is a group of rebels active in the country of Sri Lanka who demand the formation of a separate state for the Tamil majority in the northern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka, or a terrorist group, depending on who you talk to about them. They're pretty nasty customers as sepratist movements go, even having separate strike and black ops teams. They also have an unusual degree of technological sophistication - they have their own television station, a bank, a customs service, and it's been discovered that they can …


  2. Captain Midnight goes porno early!

    15 March 2007

    Last evening television viewers in Arizona were treated to an unexpected bonus cable show: Soundless hardcore porn in lieu of Tom Brokaw. It seems that someone zipped the cable feed of KPPX-TV (carried by Cox Communications' cable net) and replaced it with a pornographic movie.. Cox says that it was a 'source issue'; ION Television (the parent company of KPPX-TV, Mesa, Arizona) says that someone sabotaged their feed, and they've started hunting for the perpetrator.

    If nothing else, zipping's come a long way from a guy in a rubber mask being spanked with a flyswatter.