The Ferrett has published!

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The Ferrett, who is an old friend of Lyssa and buddy of mine has made the announcement on his blog that his first published short story has hit Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. If you look on page 22 of the latest issue you’ll find his short story, Camera Obscured waiting for you. Not long after I post this Lyssa and I will be off to Border’s to grab a copy off the magazine rack.

  <p>Congratulations, Ferrett!</p>

Not quite a weekend, but not quite a vacation, either.

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After a long and unfortunately tiring week, I limped my way home after work to be greeted by Lyssa and Laurelinde, who had been kind enough to put dinner together. Lyssa's been on a jerk chicken kick lately, not that I'm complaining, it's one of her best dishes, and often just what I need after dealing with.. well.. work. Afterward we packed up the leftovers and set about gathering clothing and laundry, for we'd be vacationing (sort of) at Laurelinde's place for the weekend.

You see, there's something that you need to know about the apartment complex that Lyssa and …


Why blogging engines don't sit quite right with me in subtle ways.

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On my way to the office this morning I was sitting in the car thinking about nothing in particular, and in my pre-caffeinated state my thoughts wandered in the direction of why blogging engines like Pivot and Wordpress make me uneasy in weird, peripheral ways, and why I find them so difficult to use, insofar as writing text is concerned. The reason is that they imply a sense of immediacy upon the user writing where sometimes there shouldn't be one.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not trying to bash blogging in general or any one blogging engine …


Boy, don't you hate it when you want to write something but then it leaves your mind utterly?

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I do.

I've got a laundry list of stuff that I want to say, but every time I sit down to do so, they vanish utterly from my brain and it's really starting to piss me off. I don't know what's wrong with me lately.

Okay. Let's start with something that I picked up a while ago and never got around to writing up - it has to do with some software that Daniel J. Bernstein wrote a couple of years ago, namely, daemontools. Daemontools is a suite of utilities that was designed to keep tabs on network services running on …