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  1. Wordpress security vulnerability and mitigating strategies.

    24 April 2008

    For the past couple of weeks the information security community has been noticing someone exploiting a new vulnerability in the Wordpress blogging software that lets the attacker inject arbitrary HTML code into the content from outside. So far, what has been seen is an

    HTML entity containing multiple hyperlinks to other sites, presumably for the purpose of artificially bumping up someone's search engine rankings. Both the height and width of the injected HTML code are usually set to zero pixels each, but I've seen a couple of instances of one-by-one
    entities as well. It stands to reason that pretty much …


  2. Webloggers be warned: Wordpress v2.1.1 is compromised!

    05 March 2007

    A recent emergency bulletin from Matt of the Wordpress weblogging software project is highly distressing to say the least: someone cracked one of the project's servers and inserted a pair of backdoors into v2.1.1, which make it possible for a malicious user to remotely execute aribitrary code on the server hosting a Wordpress blog.

    What I want to know is this: Why wasn't the Wordpress project at the very least posting hashes of the distribution archives, or PGP/GPG signing the archives and posting detached signatures for the files? Looking at the Wordpress download page shows a pair …