Easter weekend 2007 in review, or, "I can't believe we made that much ham!"

Easter weekend is always a busy one. Either we're getting ready to head back to Pennsylvania to spend the day with one or both families, cleaning, cooking, or getting ready to have people over for dinner. As it turned out, we accomplished most of the tasks on that list, as well as a couple that weren't, all in preparation for Grant and his girlfriend to come over on Sunday afternoon for dinner.

The task began on Friday night with a couple of loads of laundry and cleaning up around the apartment, followed by driving over most of creation on Saturday …


It's not too cold to headslap, though.

Indian style Chinese fried rice? Hemp brownie mix.
I really did find these at Whole Paycheque last night. I know that DC's a liberal kind of place, but this is something else entirely.