Attention everyone who had an account on Lucien:

Your accounts have been recreated so that e-mail can stop bouncing and be delivered. I won't be able to restore your old mail until tomorrow because it'll mean taking Akara offline for a while to keep from hosing the mailstore. You won't be able to log in until I re-set your passwords - contact me via encrypted mail at my personal address or hit me on one of the instant messenger networks and I'll get you hooked up.

The new mail server is almost finished.

Thanks to Lyssa and a quick run to Micro Center on Monday night, I had enough parts to put together a new mail server who seems to want to be named Akara. I'm not sure if Akara is male or female, but Akara is busily processing the backload of SMTP attempts that have piled up since Monday. I'm going to let her burn in overnight and then tomorrow I'll connect the drive that contains the original mailstore and start reconstructing accounts.