Saloncon, unashamed gamers, and a beacon in your pocket.

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Word has come down from the state of New Jersey that Saloncon, the first known neo-victorian convention in the United States, is no more. Following the tribulations of 2009, including the economy floating upside down in its fishbowl, the organizers are not able to set the wheels in motion for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, the organizers have branched out in new directions in their personal lives and do not have the time or energy right now to put on a convention as a result. saloncon will certainly be missed; I know I shall miss the yearly trek to …


This gave me a chuckle.

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A few folks across the pond with a taste for Victoriana decided to give a steampunk twist to a classic (or classically bad) geek flick of some notoriety. It's got steam; it's got cogs; it's got wheels; it's got street kids battling over clockwork automata.

I give you Clockers.