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  1. We stand with Syria.

    04 February 2012

    I don't have a lot of time.

    All hell broke loose in Syria on 3 February 2012. The city of Homs was invaded by the Syrian military, which then opened fire. Over 400 people are confirmed dead, and I don't have an accurate count of the number of people who were injured anymore.

    Please follow the hashtag #syria on Twitter for late-breaking news. And Twitter, if you even think of censoring this you will make a Time Lord very, very angry.

    To help the people of Syria connect to the Net to continue transmitting video footage and photographs of what's …


  2. Links to videos of protestor deaths in Syria.

    30 June 2011

    Mirrored from this pad at Telecomix, here are links to the deaths of multiple peaceful protestors in Syria. Much of this footage is graphic in nature, but it's also of people literally putting their lives on the line in the hope of making a better world to raise their children in. Please repost and retweet this widely.

    Today is Volcano of Aleppo, and in celebration we are running a news service on
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Speakers-to-Help-The-Syrian-Revolution/207817119257373. If you pass me any links or messages, I will get their Arabic content summarised and post to the site for …