More random crap from my L2 and L3 cache.

I've updated my .plan file again. The usual warnings about NSFW content, lack of context, sarcasm, and "Why in the hell would you put that in there?!?" apply.

Incidentally, the reason I put some of that crap into my .plan file (he says to the people who clicked through the cut) is to remind myself that there are people who genuinely believe some of those things, so that I can make plans with them in mind and not get blind-sided yet again by the sheer bloody-mindedness and utter lack of compassion that some people live their lives by, and recommend …


Finally out of the queue.

Now that I have a little time to breathe, I've updated my .plan file. Per usual, the contents range from the funny to the politically incorrect to the vulgar. Exercise discretion if you're at work or in public.

Back from ContactCon.

I got back from ContactCon last Friday evening. Between the stress of travel and prepping to participate and present at a conference, the fact that ContactCon was standing room only, general lack of sleep, hauling too much equipment around and dehydration, I don't have the strength right now to write up the conference or post any pics. Suffice it to say that I haven't forgotten anyone - your contact info is neatly stacked up next to my keyboard, and I'm going to write back to everyone - but I need to recuperate a little.

Please stand by...

PGP key update.

Hash: SHA1

As of 1818 EST5EDT on 17 August 2011, I ran the gpg --refresh-keys command
on my primary workstation. In the process of downloading and uploading new
signatures and keys, GnuPG suggested that I change my preferences;
specifically, the message digest and encryption algorithms that it defaults to
whenever it runs. I accepted the changes and was forced to re-export and
re-upload my public key. The size of the key has changed (due to being
re-exported and saved to a file) but the key itself has not. The key ID and
fingerprint are still the …


Just to prove that I'm still alive.

I've updated my .plan file again. As always, there is NSFW content, coarse language, quotes that called to me, and non sequiturs that I hope will make at least a few of you laugh.

When things slow down at work, I'll have something more substantial to post about (like Project Byzantium).

Spaceblimp-1 recovered after 75 days; photographs online!

Back in August of 2010 HacDC launched a prototype near-space probe, designated Spaceblimp-1 in preparation for entering the Hackerspaces In Space competition run by Workshop 88. Unfortunately we lost contact with Spaceblimp-1 a few hours after launch and were unable to locate the instrument package that day.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, one of the members of the Spaceblimp team received an interesting phone call. By all accounts it seemed that Spaceblimp-1 had been found but the labels on the housing were somewhat damaged, so the finder had mis-dialed one of the numbers. The individual who was called, one Bob Dehn, found …