Neologism: GSCA

GSCA - acronym, verb - Using grep, sed, cut, and awk on a Linux or UNIX box to chop up, mangle, or otherwise process data on the command line prior to doing anything serious with it.  This is not to preclude the use of additional tools (such as sort).

Leave nothing to chance.

Something that I keep meaning to write about is the topic of practical data backups - how to back your data up in such a way that you won't go bonkers trying to manage it, but if you blow a drive you'll be able to restore something at least. The thing about backups is that they're at once easy to overthink and confuse yourself horribly (which means that you'll never make or use them) and easy to do in such a fashion that they won't be usable when you need them the most. At the enterprise level, there are at least …


Solaris 10 can bite me.

Thank you, thank you, and fuck you, Sun Microsystems for having Solaris 10 print "Do you wish to automatically update boot archives?" when you really mean "Your root filesystem is fucked - attempt a fsck(1M)?"