Remember that quad-rotor UAV?

You know, this one?

Here's the consumer version, on sale at Tyson's Corner mall:

This one's controlled with an iPhone app rather than a remote control operating over 802.11, and I have to wonder how hackable it really is, but it's certainly noteworthy.

The walls are closing in.

Every couple of days - usually on the weekends - I force myself to go on a media fast. If I can get away with it, I don't watch television, I don't look at my RSS feed reader, and I don't let myself get wrapped up in the newswires. These days it's about the only thing that lets me get a good night's sleep on the weekends and makes my blood pressure managable. I'm pretty much a desk jockey these days so that's about the only exercise I get, but that's beside the point.

Many years ago, during the early time of …