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  1. Random knowledge X.

    25 January 2007

    How to set up a crossover ethernet connection between two Sun Solaris machines:

    • Connect both machines using a crossover ethernet cable.

    • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig plumb

    • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig netmask

    • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig up

    • On each machine, ping the other. If both are reported as being alive, you're golden.

    It would look something like this on a live setup:

    root@igg# ifconfig ce1 plumb

    root@ook# ifconfig ce1 plumb

    root@igg# ifconfig ce1 netmask

    root@ook# ifconfig ce1 netmask

    root@igg# ifconfig ce1 up

    root …


  2. Random knowledge I.

    25 January 2007

    If you're a Newton user, you've no doubt considered picking up the ObEx stack for NewtonOS, which allows your MessagePad to communicate with other PDAs, such as the Palm Pilot or the HP Jornadas. I highly suggest that you spend the $40us to do so, you won't regret it. It can be tricky at first to get working, though. I spent a good bit of today trying to figure out how to beam entries from the Dates application to a Palm Vx unit, and here's how I did it: First, you need to set up the time at which to …