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  1. I may as well clear my cache.

    22 February 2023

    I'm back from Pittsburgh. I think everything's done. Somewhere in the back of my head I have things to write about and maybe some photographs to post. I don't have the brainpower to do that right now, though. Hopefully I'll get my head together soon.

    Anyway, I've updated my .plan file. The usual warnings apply, you have been warned.

    I also finally got around to fleshing out and posting an essay that I've had going for a year or two, which is some of the stuff I ran into while running my mom's estate. It's not my best writing, it's …


  2. Back from DefCon.

    08 August 2016

    Back from DefCon. Don't know how I'm still on my feet right now. Went to lots of talks, went wandering more than is usual for me at DefCon, attended some incredible shows. Still smarting from how much even a lousy meal costs in Las Vegas. Had an incredibly lousy pair of plane flights to and from Vegas.

    And now, back to figuring out how to reacclimate with workaday life.


  3. Still alive.

    02 July 2016

    Nope. No GLaDOS references today.

    As you may or may not be aware, certain parts of the world have come under fire, literally. This has hit me very hard in some very tender places, and I'm not handling it well. Dealing with it has, to a large extent, required staying offline so I don't fry my forebrain.

    Work's running me pretty hard, with multiple late-nighters strung end to end.

    I'm working on my slides for HOPE in my spare time. I might even get to practice them soon. After that comes more proof-of-concept code that you (yes, you!) can try …


  4. Still alive, just busy. And tired.

    04 January 2010

    I'll have stuff to post about New Year's. Really.

    Right now I'm still trying to adjust to something approximating a normal diurnal schedule and not having too much luck at it. My ability to sequence words is largely nonfunctional at the moment (my coherence at present is illusory, I assure you) and the best I can manage is pale imitation of ADHD.

    I really should go to bed.


  5. Not dead, only sleeping.

    17 October 2009

    I'm still alive, but with everything going on at work and at home I'm pretty ragged right now. I've been working on an essay or two that I wanted to post but it takes an act of will right now to string together a single paragraph. I'm also hoping to track down some unusual glitches on the back end of my website with the help of PivotX's lead developer, but that'll have to happen after I get a good night's sleep.

    Frankly, I don't trust myself to not write something impressively stupid while feeling like my head is stuffed …


  6. Life and sleep deprivation.

    11 August 2009

    Disclaimer: I got three hours of sleep last night because my sleep schedule is screwed. This post will probably not make a whole lot of sense.

    Lyssa and I organized craft night at our place on Friday evening and put the word out for folks to come over and work on stuff. There isn’t much else that you can say about that, really – I’ve been experimenting with Arch Linux on my netbook to get a sense for whether or not it will work for my purposes. I would eventually like to use my EeePC as a wearable computer …


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