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  1. Because I feel like a nerd tonight, how about some statistics?

    08 February 2010

    The top ten most often quoted people in my .plan file (myself excluded) as of 8 February 2010:

    • Lyssa (199 times)
    • Anonymous (114)
    • Hasufin (110 times)
    • Jason (49 times)
    • Pegritz (46 times)
    • Kyrin (41 times)
    • Unknown (34 times)
    • the.Silicon.Dragon (33 times)
    • The Ferrett (29 times)
    • Terrence McKenna (22 times)

    All quotes of multiple people have been collapsed into a single name based upon the number of times all of the names appeared. People appearing under more than one name had all of their quotes totalled up.


  2. Wardriving new parts of NOVA.

    18 July 2009

    When I first started driving I taught myself how to navigate Pittsburgh by filling up my car with gas, picking a direction to drive in for fifteen or twenty miles, and getting thoroughly lost. I’d then spend the evening trying to get back home, or failing that, someplace that I recognized and could navigate from. I was thinking about that this morning as I attached a GPS puck to the roof of my car and ran the interface cable through the window. It’s been a long and busy couple of weeks, so while Lyssa was out and about …


  3. Such a beautiful weekend - seemed a shame to waste it.

    08 March 2009

    After so many weeks of cold, bracing wind and a few days of snow, a weekend of bright sun and temperatures in the mid'70's seemed like an ideal time to get out a little and do some running around while enjoying the nice weather. And so on Saturday afternoon I opened the windows, threw some gear into my backpack, slapped a GPS puck onto the roof of the TARDIS (I've grown quite attached to my Rikaline GPS-6010 - thanks again, Rhianna!) and headed over to pick up Hasufin and Mika to do a little wardriving in northern Virginia. For those of …