Random knowledge I.

If you're a Newton user, you've no doubt considered picking up the ObEx stack for NewtonOS, which allows your MessagePad to communicate with other PDAs, such as the Palm Pilot or the HP Jornadas. I highly suggest that you spend the $40us to do so, you won't regret it. It can be tricky at first to get working, though. I spent a good bit of today trying to figure out how to beam entries from the Dates application to a Palm Vx unit, and here's how I did it: First, you need to set up the time at which to …


Linux on the Dell Inspiron 700m.

Distributions successfully used:

Hardware assay:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium-III M, 1.6 GHz, clocked at 3193.03 bogoMIPS

  • Memory: 512MB

  • Chipset: Intel ICH4

  • Video: Intel 855GM. Hardware graphics acceleration works.

  • USB chipsets: UHCI, EHCI, OHCI. Use all in-kernel drivers.

  • Audio: Intel i810. Use in-kernel ALSA drivers.

  • Modem: Intel AC'97 Winmodem. Use SLmodem ebuild.

  • Wireless networking: Intel IPW2200. Use IPW2200 and IEEE 802.11 ebuilds.

  • PCMCIA/Cardbus: Texas Instruments PCI7420 Use in-kernel Yenta driver.

  • Firewire/IEEE 1394: Texas Instruments PCI7x20

  • Mass storage controller: Texas Instruments PCI7420/7620 CardBus/OHCI

  • Ethernet: Broadcom BCM4401/B0

  • Touchpad …