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  1. Neil Gaiman at the National Press Club.

    14 September 2011

    Back in June of 2011 Neil Gaiman went on a hastily assembled book signing tour to promote the release of the tenth anniversary edition of American Gods, one of his most famous novels. Neil's book signings (just ask anyone who's met him, you always find yourself calling him 'Neil' forever afterward) are always a good time, though this on was held at the National Press Club so it was a little more understated than most. After being introduced Neil talked a little about the circumstances surrounding the book's publication, namely, that it had originally been a great deal longer but …


  2. Favourite author not coming to your city on a book-signing tour?

    03 April 2007

    Check out SignedPage.com.

    This website sells first editions of books signed by the authors for fans who can't make it to book signings or whose cities will not be visited by authors on their book-signing and publicity tours.

    Notables on the site at this time are Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files, who will be offering signed copies of his latest book, White Knight, and Jacqueline Carey, whose latest novel, Kushiel's Justice, will be released on 20 June 2007.