Tag: sabotage

  1. NASA project for the International Space Station sabotaged.

    27 July 2007

    A couple of days ago it was discovered by NASA that someone had sabotaged a hardware upgrade destined for the International Space Station. Specifically, someone cut the wiring inside of a sensor package designed to monitor physical stress upon the ISS' superstructure and relay the data back to Mission Control. While being able to keep an eye on the overall status of the space station would be a good thing, it's unlikely that it would have directly placed the crew in harm's way, barring unforseen circumstances. The sabotage was first discovered in a test unit in the lab; a subsequent …


  2. Captain Midnight goes porno early!

    15 March 2007

    Last evening television viewers in Arizona were treated to an unexpected bonus cable show: Soundless hardcore porn in lieu of Tom Brokaw. It seems that someone zipped the cable feed of KPPX-TV (carried by Cox Communications' cable net) and replaced it with a pornographic movie.. Cox says that it was a 'source issue'; ION Television (the parent company of KPPX-TV, Mesa, Arizona) says that someone sabotaged their feed, and they've started hunting for the perpetrator.

    If nothing else, zipping's come a long way from a guy in a rubber mask being spanked with a flyswatter.