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  1. Mage rote: Portal Gun

    16 May 2010

    Game: Mage: the Ascension
    Rote: Portal Gun (alternatively, Artifact *)
    Spheres: Correspondence
    Tradition: Sons of Ether
    Commonly used focus: Self explanatory

    Effect: The Virtual Adepts came up with it but it took the Sons of Ether to make it practical. Nobody's quite sure if Valve only has Sleepers on staff or if there are a couple of VA's among their coders, but everyone agrees that having a device that can forge Correspondence portals in the blink of an eye is a handy thing, albeit horribly vulgar. While gamers eat this stuff up like cake using one of these badboys outside is …


  2. Mage rote: ...as they really are.

    20 April 2010

    Game: Mage: the Ascension

    Rote: ...as they really are.

    Spheres: Matter , Mind , Prime , Spirit *

    Traditional focus: Absinthe, though any reasonably high proof spirits would do.

    Effect: This is a sensory rote developed by a Cult of Ecstasy chaote named Amber who made a habit of communing with the genius loci of wherever she happened to crash for the night. Following an old saying by Oscar Wilde that the first drink of absinthe shows us things as we wish they were, the second as they are not, and the third as they really are, she would prepare three doses of absinthe …