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  1. Busy times, crazy life.

    24 May 2010

    It's been a really busy week or two so I haven't had time to write much. I realize that it's only common sense, but I still find it amusing that I have the least time to write about what's going on when the most is happening. Funny, how that happens. Anyway, once the opportunity presents itself I like sitting down to make an attempt at describing everything that's been happening. I've mostly been posting hit and run messages to Twitter lately (like everybody else on the planet these days) because I can do that without looking up from everything else …


  2. Chaos, robots, and Faith and the Muse - all in DC!

    01 May 2010

    Last Friday evening brought with a second attempt at the Chaos in DC meetup in Silver Spring, Maryland. I'd driven out there straight from work because I wound up leaving the office late, and when you factor in travel time it really wasn't a good idea to to do too much driving that night. In other words, there was no way I was going to drive two hours home through rush hour traffic on the DC Beltway, get there when the meetup began to pick up a few things and meet up with Jason, and then drive two hours back …


  3. Dammit. I lost the update for this weekend again.

    17 July 2007

    Okay. Let's try this one more time.

    Lyssa and I changed our plans last weekend because a) there weren't nearly as many RSVP's for the Starcraft LAN party we were organizing, and b) because there were some things that we had to take care of because we'd been putting them off for too long. That morning we sent out word of the cancellation, had a quick breakfast, and then set out for Maryland to take care of things.

    There. Nice and fast, so that nothing else has a chance to crash on me.

    Neither Lyssa nor I had gotten a …


  4. Radio frequencies in use around Fairfax, Virginia.

    21 January 2007

    • 143.7000 MHz: Internal radio net of a Fairfax hospital, I think. Every once in a while you'll hear a radioteletype.

    • 152.1750-152.6250 MHz: Radioteletype

    • 153.0550 MHz: Interesting conversations. Short, sweet, and to the point.

    • 154.1550 MHz: Fragments of conversations. Buzzer. Occasional musical notes (more complex than simple tones). Not much traffic during the normal workday.

    • 158.7000 MHz: Noisy, distorted radioteletype.

    • 159.0000 MHz: Fairfax County Police?

    • 162.5500 MHz: NOAA weather updates

    • 167.5750 MHz: Radioteletype?