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  1. Apropos of nothing.

    09 June 2016

    "First, stop being failures. It's absurd to judge ourselves against a scale larger than our own efforts. Do the right thing, help one another, raise the less fortunate without ulterior motives. Live simply, never lie, never steal, limit personal wealth, donate to charity, meditate, practise self-denial, live a pure life and spend some time as a monk. Above all, don't be afraid of nothingness, because the universe is full of it and therefore it must be natural and good. In this way of being 'no-mind', we escape ajiva and achieve enlightenment."

    --Buckaroo Banzai


  2. Because I feel like a nerd tonight, how about some statistics?

    08 February 2010

    The top ten most often quoted people in my .plan file (myself excluded) as of 8 February 2010:

    • Lyssa (199 times)
    • Anonymous (114)
    • Hasufin (110 times)
    • Jason (49 times)
    • Pegritz (46 times)
    • Kyrin (41 times)
    • Unknown (34 times)
    • the.Silicon.Dragon (33 times)
    • The Ferrett (29 times)
    • Terrence McKenna (22 times)

    All quotes of multiple people have been collapsed into a single name based upon the number of times all of the names appeared. People appearing under more than one name had all of their quotes totalled up.


  3. So, it's been a rough and tumble weekend, to be sure....

    04 February 2007

    I'm going to write more in here than in my old memory logs to ease the transition between formats. I figure that I'll cut over to this system on Monday as the grand opening, because last night I uploaded the last images from my photo album and turned them into galleries using a utility from the Gentoo portage collection called mkgallery. At some point I'll get around to turning the commentary from the old index.html files into comments for the galleries. For now, this will suffice.

    Anyway, where was I....? On Friday night, Lyssa and I stuck as close …