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  1. Photographs and video from the protest in Oakland, California on 4 December 2014.

    08 December 2014

    From the protest I attended in Oakland, California on 4 December 2014, here are the photographs I took during the march as well as two short segments of video footage (one (local copy); two(local copy)) shot while on the move.

    This work by The Doctor [412/724/301/703/415/510] is published under a Creative Commons By Attribution / Noncommercial / Share Alike v3.0 License.


  2. The Occupy Movement is the largest sousveillance effort in recorded history.

    17 November 2011

    I'm not going to recap the Occupy Movement because there is, quite simply, too much to it to pack into even a one paragraph summary. Suffice it to say that the political system has, if I may be blunt, failed too many people one too many times, and the reaction of the people has been to gather and camp out anywhere and everywhere. Town squares and city parks are occupied. Colleges are occupied. Big cities (like New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC) are occupied. Little cities (I really don't know what constitutes 'little' in the United States, so …